Interface Keystore

A Keystore is responsible for holding the user's XMTP private keys and using them to encrypt/decrypt/sign messages. Keystores are instantiated using a KeystoreProvider


  • Keystore

Implemented by


  • Create an XMTP auth token to be used as a header on XMTP API requests


    • req: CreateAuthTokenRequest

    Returns Promise<Token>

  • Create a sealed/encrypted invite and store the Topic keys in the Keystore for later use. The returned invite payload must be sent to the network for the other party to be able to communicate.


    • req: CreateInviteRequest

    Returns Promise<CreateInviteResponse>

  • Decrypt a batch of V1 messages


    • req: DecryptV1Request

    Returns Promise<DecryptResponse>

  • Decrypt a batch of V2 messages


    • req: DecryptV2Request

    Returns Promise<DecryptResponse>

  • Encrypt a batch of V1 messages


    • req: EncryptV1Request

    Returns Promise<EncryptResponse>

  • Encrypt a batch of V2 messages


    • req: EncryptV2Request

    Returns Promise<EncryptResponse>

  • Get the account address of the wallet used to create the Keystore

    Returns Promise<string>

  • Export the private keys. May throw an error if the keystore implementation does not allow this operation

    Returns Promise<PrivateKeyBundleV1>

  • Get the PublicKeyBundle associated with the Keystore's private keys

    Returns Promise<PublicKeyBundle>

  • Get a refresh job from the persistence


    • req: GetRefreshJobRequest

    Returns Promise<GetRefreshJobResponse>

  • Get a list of V1 conversations

    Returns Promise<GetConversationsResponse>

  • Get a list of V2 conversations

    Returns Promise<GetConversationsResponse>

  • Take a batch of invite messages and store the TopicKeys for later use in decrypting messages


    • req: SaveInvitesRequest

    Returns Promise<SaveInvitesResponse>

  • Save V1 Conversations


    • req: SaveV1ConversationsRequest

    Returns Promise<SaveV1ConversationsResponse>

  • Sets the time of a refresh job


    • req: SetRefeshJobRequest

    Returns Promise<SetRefreshJobResponse>

  • Sign the provided digest with either the IdentityKey or a specified PreKey


    • req: SignDigestRequest

    Returns Promise<Signature>

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